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California Association of Environmental Health Administrators

CAEHA is an associated 501(c)(4) non-profit organization with membership limited to environmental health program directors. It is a separate but related organization to CCDEH. It provides legislative services to CCDEH and conference management services to a variety of organizations.

CAEHA mission: To improve the quality and scope of environmental health programs throughout the State and to promote uniformity in the conduct of such programs.

CAEHA goals: To advocate on behalf of environmental health and CCDEH in the legislature and regulatory agencies:
  • To provide environmental health management, training, and information services to its members, other environmental health professionals and the public;
  • To generate revenues from certain activities to fund environmental health projects that further its mission. The principal sources of revenue include information transfer, training and contract management. CAEHA provides temporary professional staffing to jurisdictions under direct contracts, CAEHA employees or third-party service providers.
The past President of CCDEH serves as CAEHA President and the other Officers and Executive Committee of CCDEH serve as the Officers and Executive Committee of CAEHA.

The Executive Director and Manager of CCDEH serve as the Executive Director and Manager of CAEHA.

CAEHA Staffing Services

CAEHA is an employer and provides solutions for temporary staffing through our contracting services. Our services are specifically geared toward the Environmental Health profession and all of our team members are properly certified in their field of expertise (REHS & CUPA.) Check our contracting flowchart and Contact Us today for more information on your temporary staffing needs.